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SH3200 FRP flat vehicle panel production line

SH3200 FRP flat vehicle panel production line

  • Product Description

For FRP flat sheet for trucks, caravans, buses and portable cabinets. Continuous production process. High gross/matte/embossed surfaces are available.Gelcoat function unit is equipped.

  • Product Advantages

Upper or lower gelcoat unit is available for different requirement. Non-wind-blowing type gelcoat heating system prevents PET film from trembling, ensuring good quality of gelcoat layer. Pulse-free resin metering system, accurate metering, width range of adjustment, available for metering resin with powder add-ins. Impregnation platforms with independent heating and temperature control system, making impregnation fast in different ambient temperature, increasing production speed effectively. PLC based operating system, Tri-screen HMI, all production figures can be set in HMIs, and production running automatically, operators can be qualified upon short training. Three independent-control curing and forming zones, special programmed PID algorithm, fast preheating, low power consumption, increasing curing degree of finished products, ensuring high quality. Temperatures in curing zones up to 120℃, not only matching normal temperature curing system(MEKP system), but also being proper for high-temperature curing system(CHP system). High accuracy automatic synchronous cross cutting. National-standard steels are adopted for high performance and stability. National-standard cables(communication cables with dual-shield layer) are adopted for smooth communication and stable performance. On-line remote debugging is available based on internet connection.

  • Performance
Operators Required3-5 operators
Max. Running Speed3-8 m/min
Optimum Production Speed4-6m/min (depends on the sheet thickness and operators' skill)
Finished Sheet WidthMaximum width-3.2m
Finished Sheet Thickness0.8-5mm
  • Basic Technical Parameters
Power InputThree-phase /AC380V /50Hz/3P+1N+1PE
(can be customized upon local electricity system)
PowerTotal power: 280kW. Running power: 80kW. Peak power: 150kW
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