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SH1500 basic type FRP rooflighting sheet production line

SH1500 basic type FRP rooflighting sheet production line

  • Product Description

For FRP rooflighting sheet, roofing sheet and other roofing parts such as FRP flashing trims. Continuous production process. Various kinds of profiles of FRP sheet can be produced with one machine.

  • Product Advantages

Impregnation platforms with independent heating and temperature control system, making impregnation fast in different ambient temperature, increasing production speed effectively. PLC based operating system, dual-screen HMI, automatic, operators can be qualified upon short training.Three independent-control curing and forming zones, special programmed PID algorithm, fast preheating, low power consumption, increasing curing degree of finished products, ensuring high quality. Temperatures in curing zones up to 120℃, not only matching normal temperature curing system(MEKP system), but also being proper for high-temperature curing system(CHP system). Five inside cycles of hot wind in three zones with 5 ovens gives a smaller cycle of hot wind, making control of temperature more exact and uniform. High-temp centrifugal blowers instead of axial flow fans, ensuring long working lift and low failure rate.High accuracy automatic synchronous cross cutting.National-standard steels are adopted for high performance and stability.National-standard cables(communication cables with dual-shield layer) are adopted for smooth communication and stable performance. On-line remote debugging is available based on internet connection.

  • Performance
Operators Required3-5 operators
Max. Running Speed3-8 m/min
Optimum Production Speed4-6m/min (depends on the sheet thickness and operators' skill)
Finished Sheet WidthMaximum width-1.5m
Finished Sheet Thickness0.8-5mm
Wave Height of Finished SheetMax. 130mm
  • Basic Technical Parameters
Power InputThree-phase /AC380V /50Hz/3P+1N+1PE
(can be customized upon local electricity system)
PowerTotal power: 100kW. Running power: 35kW. Peak power: 80kW
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